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Interactive authoring is a term we use that encompasses a wide range of solutions. Based upon the clients needs and aspirations, we use a combination of "elements" (animation, graphics, video, text, etc.), in conjunction with an authoring application to create a final solution. These final solutions can then be distributed via a delivery platform (i.e. CD-ROM, DVD, Digicard, Web, E-Mail, etc.) to the end user.

FlashPoint uses Interactive Authoring to bring a project from mediocrity to superiority. In today's market, users demand a rich feature-intensive product that delivers the information logically and creates a pleasant user experience. At FlashPoint we deliver that experience.

Why FlashPoint?

We pride ourselves on providing "Solutions" to our clients' problems.

In our industry often the most important questions "Who" and "What" are not asked of the client. This is where most projects can fail, which leads to an unsuccessful product and an unsatisfied client. Those questions are:

  • "Who" is the target audience for your project.
  • "What" are you trying to accomplish with your project.

More often then not, a client will approach us with a project already pre-conceived. When these two questions are presented to them, the project evolves away from their pre-conception into a better solution. One that more accurately meets their audience's needs as well as accomplish their goals. It is our job to find the solution which meets your needs.

Contact us today for more information on our Interactive Authoring solutions.

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